Name: Andrew Mastrangeli

Testimonial: I have been going to Broadway VW since 2000, and through that time I
have bought 2 cars at that dealership. I would say the service today is
the best it’s been in 10 years. Hands down.

Name: Carolyn Rainey

Testimonial: Always get excellent service……….

Name: Ann Shogren

Testimonial: I had an emergency repair and your people got me in that day and
got me out in good time. Since I was without my car, they had the
shuttle drop me off at home and then pick me up when my car was
finished. A huge thanks to everyone at VW of Oakland, esp. Frank Cruz,
who helped make a really bad day that much better.

Name: Claire Devereux

Testimonial: Wow! I cannot say enough about VW of Oakland. So considerate,
friendly, and attentive. From the van driver, to the customer service,
to check out…loved them all! This is my first time dropping off my car
at the Oakland dealership…you have a customer for life!

Name: Chad J. Seeger
Location: San Francisco CA

Testimonial: I appreciate working with Frank Cruz and his team at Broadway VW.
Service was exactly what I would expect and I will continue to bring my
car to their Oakland based dealership, even though I live in San

Name: Kari Silverman

Testimonial: I want to recommend Howard, the shuttle driver. In addition to being
a good driver (and we had treacherous conditions with the heavy rains),
he was very friendly and pleasant. He was considerate about the
temperature and the radio – and kept us informed of what stops were
ahead of us. I’ve brought my car in many times, and I’m always happiest
when Howard is my driver.
Marina is also a charmer. Always a bright smile – even when telling
me something I don’t want to hear! She has a way of making things feel
like “not a big problem” which I appreciate.

Name: Gina Garcia

Testimonial: Most people tell me I shouldn’t take my car to the dealership for
regular maintanence; that I could save a ton of money going elsewhere. I
would NEVER trust my car to anyone but Volkswagen of Oakland!
Furthermore, I absolutely love Marina!

Name: Juan Saurez

Testimonial: The salesman (JD) was very helpful and made us feel welcome. He did
not pressure us too much and generally made us feel like we had enough
time to think about our options.

Name: Maureen Heiden

Testimonial: Everybody was friendly and knowledgeable. I had a few specifics I
needed when I visited. Wendy found a way to make everything happen. My
Tiguan is awesome!

Name: Arthus De La Rosa

Testimonial: Thank you for one of the best car buying experiences we’ve ever
had! We feel that you treated us as friends more than as customers. Your
are knowledgable, friendly and obviously care about your customers. We
would recommend you without hesitation. We hope you realize how much we
appreciate your kindness and professionalism. To all of you at Oakland
Volkswagen; Thanks again!!!

Name: Sami Cohan

Testimonial: Easily the best car purchasing experience of my life.

Name: Marlowe Crawford

Testimonial: I really appreciated that Moe understood that I was not going to
make the decision to trade in my GTI lightly and wanted to think about
it for several days. I spoke with him about this on a Wednesday and
traded in my GTI for a Jetta TDI the following Sunday. I also
appreciated that I wasn’t left waiting for long periods of time while
finalizing the deal. This was the smoothest car purchase I’ve ever made.

Name: Adena Rollins

Testimonial: This was my first VW buying experience and it was amazing!!!
Derek and Johnny were great and NEVER pushy!! I will be sticking with VW
from now on!!! ;o) And I looooove the car!!!

Name: Jeffrey Upton

Testimonial: The most pain free car buying experience I’ve ever had!!

Name: Dianne Sharp

Testimonial: The process was unexpectedly easy and everyone was very friendly
and helpful.

Name: Warren Hohn

Testimonial: JD was my salesman and he did a great job selling me on my GTI in
a low-pressure yet enthusiastic way. He and the finance manager were
very professional and clear in their dealings with me. I got a great
price at a great rate and I would definitely recommend JD and Broadway
VW to others. Thanks.

Name: Kelly
Location: Union City CA

Testimonial: “…Marina is truly the definition of EXCELLENT customer service.
She is very detailed, empathetic and sympathetic to her customers. She
genuinely wants to get the problems resolved and to make her customers
happy. I am a manager at a major storage media company in Emeryville
which is one of the top companies in the world and have been in the
customer service field for years and never have I met someone like
Marina. I have nothing but GREAT words for her and her great talent. For
me to rate her from 1-10 is impossible because she exceeds that. I have
been to your dealership 3 times with my concerns and each time I leave
feeling confident, assured that I am driving a safe, reliable and well
made vehicle. To rate her from 1-10 then I give her a 20:-) She deserves
it. Additional, I’d like to thank the technician “Mitch” that
assisted with the repairs on my vehicle because he also demonstrated
excellent customer service and was very thorough when resolving the
issues with the vehicle….”

Name: Rajah

Testimonial: Dear Margot:

Thank you touching base with me. I wanted to let you
know that I purchased a car from broadway volkswagon this weekend. I
have to say that I really enjoyed your staff. As you know purchasing a
car can be a difficult process but your team was excellent. Your
managment team was great I am looking forward to sending you referrals.
Thank you for support and keep up the good work.

Name: Ursula

Testimonial: “Nancy, Mike, Howard and everyone was very sympathetic and
helpful for my “kind of” emergency. They got me to work on time just
like Nancy said they would. Great team work! Definitely look forward to
working with Nancy again and can’t remember the other female service
rep, but she was helpful in the past! Have to say, I was not looking
forward to coming in and have been going to Marin VW instead, but this
experience has totally changed my attitude! Thanks, Nancy”

Name: Patrick

Testimonial: “Nancy Vasquez was a real delight to work with – she really went
out of her way to accommodate me! Thanks Nancy!!”

Name: Diana

Testimonial: “Frank Torres is great.”

Name: Arlene

Testimonial: “This was my first 5,000 service. It was truly top notch,
including courtesy shuttle, free coffee and donuts!”

Name: Debbie

Testimonial: “You guys are amazing! I was afraid of making such a big
commitment the day I bought my car but Tony made it a great experience.
After the first service appointment I realized what a great organization
you were. Thank you for being so good at what you do.”

Name: Kristen Jones and James Browne
Location: San Leandro CA

Testimonial: In the last few years we have had a few major repairs on our
Passat Wagon.Our experience with the Service Department at Broadway
Oakland has been hand’s down- super!Especially-all of our interactions with Frank Cruz have
been stellar! His patience, professionalism, heartfelt concern and
upfront advise have been such a relief to us! We are impressed with the
high-level of service he has delivered each and every time.His
“no-nonsense” approach to the hurdles of repair and the rapid
turn-around time has been excellent.His knowledge is impressive!

Marina has always been a breath of fresh-air, always
friendly and effective.


Name: Nathan

Testimonial: Service Writer: Marina FelixOverall Score: 100%

Comments: A quick and easy visit. The
shuttle service was especially helpful – without that it would have been
a stressful day. Extra points for free snacks. Thanks!

Name: Eugene

Testimonial: Service Writer: Nancy VasquezOverall Score: 100%

Comments: It went just as I expected from
prior experience ever since I bought the Passat (2001)

Name: William

Testimonial: Service Writer: Frank TorresOverall Score: 100%

Comments: It was my check up for a new car
purchase and I thank you for calling and reminding me to get it in…

Name: Jessica

Testimonial: Sales Employee: Anthony R AvilaOverall Score: 100%

Comments: Dear Shoppers, VW of Oakland is
not your typical car sales experience; they were friendly, helpful, and
quick (imagine that). We had originally gone to our local VW dealer to
buy a new car and had to walk out in disgust after 4 hours. Then we
found Tony at VW of Oakland which was 180 degrees different from our
first experience. Tony took care of everything, we found the perfect
Jetta TDI and we were in and out. This was by the far the easiest car
buying experience we’ve ever had, we went from a dreaded (typical)
dealership to what I would call a non-dealership, we actually had a good
time, knew we we’re getting a good deal and felt fairly and honestly
treated. Even the kids were entertained with the TV, popcorn and
cookies. The ENTIRE staff was very friendly and made sure all our
questions were answered. I will be telling everyone it’s worth the

Name: Susan

Testimonial: Service Writer: Frank TorresOverall Score: 100%

Comments: I appreciated Frank’s having my
car in and out in one day, and making it as inexpensive as possible. I
see a noticeable improvement in the overall friendliness and staff
courtesy, which makes huge difference and is very much appreciated as
well. thanks to all of you (and thanks for washing my car as well!)

Name: Marc

Testimonial: Service Writer: Frank Torres 

Overall Score: 100%

Comments: When I arrived, the staff
remembered who I was and why I was there. No having to explain
everything from the start again. That is appreciated by this customer.

Name: Betty

Testimonial: Service Writer: Marina FelixOverall Score: 100%

Comments: Thanks for your excellent
40,000-mile service, including the courtesy ride (to and from) home, and
the additional information regarding other parts of my auto that need
attention soon. I trust that you will help me prolong the quality of my
2002 Passat.

Name: Rageshree

Testimonial: Service Writer: Martin R RomeroOverall Score: 100%

Comments: Martin Romero was courteous,
thorough, and friendly. He identified a noise my car had been making and
suggested bringing it back later this summer for another checkup so
I’ll plan on that. I enjoyed the new coffee and tea station as well.
Your shuttle driver was also very nice and prompt.

Name: Eduardo

Testimonial: Service Writer: Marina FelixOverall Score: 100%

Comments: VW of Oakland’s Service center
impressed me. The service, friendly and courteous personnel made the
difference. You have won over a customer!

Name: Jose

Testimonial: Sales Employee: Derek DorotheoOverall Score: 100%

Comments: Derek, and the rest of the staff
were awsome. They I felt like a customer and I’ve never felt that before
in a car dealership. When I drove off the lot I felt like I really got a
fair deal. Kudos to all the staff at Volkswagen of Oakland.


N ame: Sam

Testimonial: Sales Employee:
Mohdagib AboushabhanOverall Score: 80%

Comments: This was the best car buying
experience I’ve had yet!

Name: Glenn

Testimonial: Sales Employee: Jose HaddadOverall Score: 100%

Comments: Thanks to the superior customer
service demonstrated by both Joe and Derek, I left with a brand new
Jetta. It was a pleasure to lease another VW with the knowledge that I
could call Joe or Derek with any questions or concerns I might have.
Buying a new car should always be that easy!!!


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