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Great Reviews of Volkswagen of Oakland

Customer:  Zarinah
Response Date:  11/12/2010
My sales associate David Patton really made all the difference in me purchasing a Volkswagen. He was very informed and knowledgeable and really made me feel confident that a Volkswagen was the right car for me.
Score:  100.0

Customer:  Jeffrey
Response Date:  11/09/2010
Great dealership. Was very eager to help me with my purchase and got me the exact car I was looking for.
Score:  94.1

Customer:  George
Response Date:  11/08/2010
Time did not permit full explanation of all car features – but this was scheduled for a later, more convenient time.
Score:  100.0

Customer:  Katheryn
Response Date:  11/08/2010
Thank you Michael Mandamba and the VW of Oakland for an excellent experience. We love our Jetta Sportwagen TDI!
Score:  94.4

Customer:  Robert
Response Date:  11/06/2010
1. This was an excellent experience. The individuals serving us were truly serving us and helping us understand and meet our needs. They were truly superb in their sales work.
2. The information we still seek is not easily available from either you or VWofA. I need to know what snow traction devices VW recommends and where I can purchase them for the cc to comply with California law that mandates individuals driving in the Sierra Nevada mountains in the winter carry “chains.” And, I need to know where I can get a 4 pin trailer wiring harness and hitch that does not require drilling to install.
Score:  100.0

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